This letter was directly handed to Governor Brian Sandoval February 22. He promised his prompt attention. He has not responded nor asserted any correction of the issues outlined in this letter.

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Governor Brian Sandoval is receiving the letter posted below.

Governor Brian Sandoval receives notice of disability discrimination.


"Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of your hand to do it."

February 22, 2012
Dear Gov. Sandoval,

I can understand your reliance on Mr. Duarte and Mr. Willden to administer state Medicaid issues.  But at times, they have overlooked the well-being of those affected by their policies. There is an ongoing mishandling of the Independent Caregiver* home care services, (called 58 PROVIDERS).  In this, they are neglecting people and law…

Why go along with them; they are wrecking a completely operable, cost effective vehicle of home care.  More importantly, Independent Caregivers deliver people with disabilities greater independence.  Withholding, or further dismantling, this home care resource only serves administrators' laziness and the preferences of a few corporate healthcare companies.  In no respect does it serve our community as a whole.

A False Alarm Has Turned You from Appropriate Action… As an excuse for the civil rights violations described above, Medicaid administrators, and now your Office, are emphasizing a "concern" of possible employer-ship liabilities.  (Objective examination reveals that concern as incredibly exaggerated.  It is what your associate, Deputy Atty. Gen. Faircloth, refers to and rightly labeled, a "meritless" accusation.) 

Do you recognize the profound duplicity being applied?   On a regular basis, the State contracts with many individuals, with no such concern of any such employer-ship liability.  This is because the plain contract language, precludes that liability. You need not protect the state from false alarms but rather protect our civil rights and our well-being.

Please Sir, require compassionate wisdom be exercised in this issue… Protect and bolster person-directed, non-institutional home care. (It would be a demonstration of good leadership nationally.)  Don't withhold this good from Nevada's most vulnerable people… while it is in your power to do so.

Thank you,
Rick Cline


*All without any additional state monies, Independent Caregivers have already proven to be a good service for our community…