This letter strongly complaints against the  inaction of the Gov.'s office who is avoiding the Nevada Medicaid discrimination issues.

On February 22, 2012 Gov. Sandoval received a letter detailing ongoing discrimination by Nevada Medicaid.  He promised his prompt attention. He has not responded nor asserted any corrective action.
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Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Gov. Sandoval,

Previously I wrote asking you to ensure fair, evenhanded ministration of the Independent Caregiver Option and to stop Mr. Duarte and Mr. Willden from making the homecare option less workable.   Your office gave no comment about the unfairness** nor acknowledged that their threatening* of retaliation even occurred.  Rather, you praised their performance and reiterated their "employership liability" spin to make their actions appear appropriate.

I count their response about this unfairness, (now echoed by your office), as an obfuscation of ongoing discrimination.   I believe you understand equal rights should not be withheld whenever a bureaucrat cries liability.  But fair choice has clearly been deprived in this instance.  (I believe The Court, (or The DOJ), will recognize and act against this discrimination.)  But in the meantime, I would ask you to require common civil rights be honored by your Medicaid administration.

Since your decision to support your Medicaid administrators, I have been working to organize a lawsuit and also to press for a Department of Justice investigation focused on that discrimination as well as on the related retaliations.  (Because the quality of life and civil rights of vulnerable people are at risk and because you have not yet gotten to the bottom of the issue, we should persist with all legitimate means to persuade you to act.)

In response to my previous complaint about Medicaid administrators' threatening*, your office merely passed on assurances from them saying, "…your independent caregiver services will continue."  But since I've begun to work to organize lawsuit, they have moved to initiate in-house policy changes to make continued participation in the service more difficult.

A couple days ago, I was forced to spend the day in bed without my attendant care services.  This was a direct result of those so-called "incidental and normal" changes.   I faced this inappropriate situation because somebody, under your authority, is abusing their authority.  In fact, the most difficult struggle I face in recruiting plaintiffs, is their very real fear of such retaliations.

Governor, these are your Medicaid administrators, whose policies you are trusting. Will this continue to be Nevada's way of doing business?   I for one, hope not.



**Nevada Medicaid policy currently deprives eligible disabled people from participation in the IC self-directed home care option. (Also referred to as the independent caregiver option,IC model, or the PCD program)

* Over the last few years, I have been discreetly but directly told I would lose my care should I formally press the point that there is ongoing discrimination in the ministration of the Independent Caregiver Option.  On March 23, Mr. Willden and Mary Liverratti threatened that if I stirred up any discrimination complaints, I would lose my use of the Independent Caregiver Option.