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Contrary to the Olmstead ruling, the state of Nevada has only an in-part plan to eliminate some unnecessary institutionalization.

What is the Independent Caregiver Home Care option?

On February 22, 2012 Gov. Sandoval received a letter detailing ongoing discrimination by Nevada Medicaid.  He promised his prompt attention. He has not responded nor asserted any corrective action.
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Below are other related letters sent to, (or forwarded to), the Governor:

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Nevada Medicaid Issues:

Wage Proportionate Disbursements…
What Are They?
Why Implement Now?

People in institutions generate significant profits for the long-term care facilities that house them. These corporate interests form associations, employ lobbyists, and heavily donate to political authorities. They strongly influence non-elected bureaucrats to protect their cash flow.

This perpetuates unnecessary institutionalization in spite of numerous laws prohibiting such treatment of disabled and elderly people.  See the video at  institutionalized for a real-life example.

What can be done to withstand powerful financial interests and state authorities that deter enforcement of and compliance with the Olmstead ruling?

Nevada's wrongful institutionalization will be addressed here when further resources are available.  Currently, only a few of us are available to address the  Independent Caregiver discrimination issue. If you're one of the people  currently facing long-term care in an institution, please contact us immediately. We will do everything in our power not to neglect your situation.

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