This is an explanation of wage-proportionate disbursements and how they could be used to bolster  homecare resources for people with disabilities and Nevada's elderly.

What is the Independent Caregiver option?

On February 22, 2012 Gov. Sandoval received a letter detailing ongoing discrimination by Nevada Medicaid.  He promised his prompt attention. He has not responded nor asserted any corrective action.
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Below are other related letters sent to, (or forwarded to), the Governor:

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Other Nevada Medicaid Issues:

Wage Proportionate Disbursements…
What Are They?
Why Implement Now?

Creating a Truly Workable "Money  Follows the Person" system…
Stop Wrongful Institutionalization.

What are Wage-Proportionate Disbursements?
Instead of the State only offering one payment rate, (disbursement), to all home care provider agencies, (without consideration of the quality of services or wages they pay), Wage-Proportionate Disbursements would set three or four different payment rates that would be applied according to the wages companies actually pay their caregivers. (See … Example/Suggestion.)

What effects and benefits will it achieve?
Wage-Proportionate Disbursements will encourage participation in the caregiving field, (which is facing an imminent shortfall* of workers).    It will give some real protection to caregivers should further cutbacks be imposed.  This ultimately helps the recipient by fostering greater availability and better quality of care. 

It will do these things by encouraging higher wages and discouraging further cutbacks from falling on the backs of the caregivers… It will accomplish this while keeping in balance with a set budget limit for the services. 

 Why protect caregiver wages with Wage-Proportionate Disbursements?

Example/Suggestion for Disbursement Rate Categories…


Other Factors Must Be Included

Why do this extra work?

* Census Bureau statistics show there will be a 7% shift of the baby boomers into the very old population demographic.  This means a major decrease in the population groups available to provide this type of services.  And, at the same time, there will be an equally significant increase in the numbers of very old people who will require at-home services to remain outside of institutions.







Additional Discussion on Wage Proportionate Disbursements